Start with an intro slide that includes your game's logo and a clear, attention-grabbing title. This will set the tone for the rest of the presentation and make a good first impression.

On the second slide, provide a brief overview of what your presentation will cover in the following four slides. This will help your audience follow along and understand the purpose of each slide.

On slide 3, focus on showcasing the gameplay of your game. This can include screenshots or videos of your game, along with brief descriptions of the key features and mechanics that make it unique.

On slide 4, highlight the NFTs and Utility features of your game. Explain what they are and how they enhance the overall gameplay experience for players.

On slide 5, talk about your collaboration with Decentraland. Provide some background information about the partnership and how it benefits both your game and the Decentraland community.

On slide 6, share your vision for the future of your game. Discuss your plans for expansion, new features, and continued innovation.

Slide 1 (Intro):

  • Title of the game with the logo
  • Tagline or a brief description of the game
  • Name of the presenter or the team

Slide 2 (Table of Contents):

  • An overview of the key topics that will be covered in the presentation
  • A brief description of each section to give the audience an idea of what to expect

Slide 3 (Gameplay):

  • Brief overview of the game's genre and setting
  • A demo of the gameplay mechanics and how they work
  • Key features that make the game unique or innovative
  • Any recent updates or changes to the game

Slide 4 (NFTs and Utility):

  • Overview of the NFTs associated with the game
  • Types of NFTs available (starter packs, cosmetic, utility, etc.)
  • How NFTs are acquired and used in the game
  • Description of the utility NFTs that are planned for future updates

Slide 5 (Collaboration with Decentraland):

  • Explanation of the partnership with Decentraland
  • How the collaboration will benefit the game and its players
  • Any notable achievements or milestones achieved through the collaboration
  • Future plans for collaboration with other blockchain projects or companies

Slide 6 (Vision for the Future):

  • Overview of the game's long-term goals and vision
  • How the team plans to achieve those goals
  • Plans for expansion or scaling of the game
  • Any upcoming features or updates that players can expect in the future.

Our game

DuelArena", which is a player vs player (PVP) fighting game set in a fictional world with four nations: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Each nation has its own unique skills and outfits. Players can purchase starter pack NFTs for each nation, which provide access to specific skills and outfits associated with that nation. Additionally, there are cosmetic NFTs, such as paper crowns, that can be collected by players to show off their progress in the game.

The game is built on the Polygon network, and the NFTs are traded on OpenSea. In the future, you plan to add more utility NFTs, such as amulets and rings, which will provide players with percentage bonuses in battle or skilling. There is also a VIP pass NFT that provides various benefits such as early access to new skills, VIP routes and cities, a discount on items in the VIP shop, higher drop rates, and a lifetime 2x double XP boost.

We are planning to request $120,000 from the Decentraland DAO to fund the game's development, and you have created a 6-page PowerPoint presentation to showcase the game's features, including gameplay, NFTs, collaborations with Decentraland, and your vision for the future.