The purpose of this whitepaper is to present an overview of our upcoming NFT game project, which will be developed for the Decentraland platform. Our game will be an elemental battle game where players can choose their element, resonate with it, and battle with other players to become the best elementalist.


Our game will be an NFT game developed for the Decentraland platform. It will be a multiplayer game where players can battle with other players in a virtual world. Each player will be able to choose their element and resonate with it to gain unique skills and abilities. The game will have a leaderboard system where players can compete to become the top elementalist.


The NFTs in our game will be limited to wearables that players can purchase with in-game currency or real money. These wearables will provide players with additional bonuses to increase their chances of winning battles or gathering resources.

Elemental Wearables: There will be elemental wearables that players can buy to increase their battle stats and give them bonuses such as 5% extra HP, damage, or passive bonuses like a reward bonus of +50% elemental particle reward on battle loss or a 25% extra bonus on winning a battle.

Explorer Wearables: There will also be explorer wearables that players can buy to increase their gathering abilities and give them bonuses such as double health when eating or a 50% chance to drop elemental particles.

Divine Wearables: There will be a set of Divine wearables for both male and female characters. These wearables will give players overall game utilities such as early access to new skills, a 50% discount at elemental stations, and a 10% all stat bonus.


In summary, our upcoming game will offer players an immersive and engaging experience that combines elements of strategy, exploration, and competition. With a vibrant community, a robust economy, and a deep well of content, we believe that our game will become a major player in the world of NFT gaming. We look forward to sharing more updates and details as the development process continues, and we hope to see you in the game soon!