Welcome to Duel Arena P2E, the ultimate turn-based NFT combat game! In Duel Arena P2E, players will battle each other using a combination of pre-selected skills and strategy. Each player can choose 6 skills to bring into a match, and the combination of these skills will be key to victory.

Game Overview:

Duel Arena P2E is set in a world divided into four nations, each with its own elemental affinity: water, air, fire, and earth. Players will choose a nation to align with, and the element associated with their nation will have an impact on their abilities and strategies. In addition to using their skills to defeat opponents, players will also have the option to bring fished and cooked items onto the battlefield for a strategic advantage.


In our game, players will begin by learning the skills of fishing and cooking. In future updates, we will introduce additional skills such as lumberjacking, crafting, and brewing


NFTs play a central role in Duel Arena P2E. There are many different types of skills available, ranging from offensive spells to defensive abilities. Players can acquire these NFT skills through gameplay or by purchasing them from other players or the in-game store. Once a player has obtained an NFT skill, they can use it in matches to gain an edge over their opponents.

NFT Categories:

NFT Categories: In Duel Arena P2E, there are several types of NFTs available to enhance your gameplay experience. Skins are purely cosmetic items that allow you to customize your appearance. Skills are NFTs that can be used in matches to gain an advantage over your opponents. They can be obtained through gameplay or purchased separately on OpenSea or in-game. You can also buy a starter pack, which includes 8 skills and a skin based on the nation you choose. Pets are NFTs that give you bonus stats in-game, while equipment are items you can wear to gain bonuses through skilling or battling.


Duel Arena P2E will be monetized through the sale of NFT skills and other in-game items. Players will be able to purchase NFT skills directly or earn them through gameplay. In addition, players will be able to buy fished and cooked items to bring onto the battlefield, as well as other in-game items such as custom avatars and emotes.

Development and Roadmap:

Duel Arena P2E is being developed by a team of experienced game designers and engineers. The game is currently in development, and we are working on implementing additional features and fine-tuning the gameplay. Our roadmap includes the release of new NFT skills and in-game items, as well as regular updates and balance patches.


Duel Arena P2E is a unique and exciting new NFT combat game that combines strategy, skills, and elements in a thrilling turn-based format. With its focus on player choice and customization, we believe that Duel Arena P2E will stand out in the market and offer players a truly one-of-a-kind gaming experience. We can't wait for you to join the fight!